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Her classes are great fun, mixing humour with real sensitivity, allowing for relaxation and feeling at one with our sometimes creaky bodies - Jane Scott

With her expertise in mindfulness and Pilates, Rosalind guides individuals on a transformative experience of self-awareness and self-centering.
By joining Ros on this journey, you will have the opportunity to step away from the chaos of everyday life and prioritize your own well-being.

Ros' retreats offer more than just a Pilates holiday; they provide a holistic experience for rejuvenation and personal growth.


Spent a fabulous week on a Pilates Mindfulness retreat hosted by Ros. It was amazing, so relaxing. Ros' teaching style is excellent, very calm clear, and precise. It was just what I needed to recover from a broken wrist and get back to class. I highly recommend it to others.

2024 holiday retreats

Puglia Italy Pilates Retreat

Pilates & Mindfulness Retreat

Puglia, Italy | May 2024

Enjoy a purposeful experience designed to broaden your horizons and give you the space to look after .....

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Fawakay Villa In Morocco Pilates Retreat

Pilates & Mindfulness Retreat

Marrakesh | September 8th – 15th

Join us for 7 nights of stunning surroundings, lush greenery and relaxation, only 15 mins away...

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South Downs England Pilates Retreat

Pilates & walking holiday

South Downs | October 2024

This holiday is designed to be a chance to unwind and rejuvenate both mind and body, combining the ...


Pilates & Mindfulness Retreat

Puglia, Italy | May 2024

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Not Just a Pilates Holiday: Enjoy nutritious food, flowing wine, and afternoons at your own pace, whether you're a sightseeing lover or a sun-lounge lizard. 

- Rosalind Hoyes (Pilates & Mindful Teacher)


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1 week course | malborough college

Discover a week-long Pilates program that is designed to accommodate students at any level of expertise.

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Why be mindful?

1 week course | malborough college

An illuminating course, dispelling myths about this ever more ubiquitous term. 

Ros first taught me Pilates in Sicily on a Pilates holiday a few years ago and I loved it so much I followed her the following year to Puglia. During the pandemic, her twice-weekly classes via Zoom helped keep me both bendy and relatively sane. 

This year I joined her for a week at the lovely Fawakay Villas just outside  Marrakesh. I arrived with my lower back in a total spasm but thanks to her encouragement and gentle guidance I took two pilates classes a day in the most wonderful surroundings and great company. I do pilates at a class local to me but Ros adds something very special to her classes, she knows when to adjust movements to an individual's needs and she also knows when to encourage me to push myself. 

Her classes are great fun, mixing humor with real sensitivity and allowing everyone to relax and feel the experience of being at one with our sometimes creaky bodies which is where her expertise in mindfulness comes into its own.


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